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Tobias Lammel

Tobias Lammel


Tobias Lammel



Research topic

The potential of cell-based in vitro assays for studying toxic effects of chemicals


Instituto Nacional de Investigacion y Tecnologia Agraria y Alimentaria

List of publications

1. Lammel, T. New insights into the toxicity of nanomaterials by means of the use of fish and mammalian cell lines. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, http://hdl.handle.net/10486/662600, 2014.

2. Lammel, T.; Boisseaux, P.; Navas, J. M., Potentiating effect of graphene nanomaterials on aromatic environmental pollutant-induced cytochrome P450 1A expression in the topminnow fish hepatoma cell line PLHC-1. Environ Toxicol 2014.

3. Lammel, T.; Navas, J. M., Graphene nanoplatelets spontaneously translocate into the cytosol and physically interact with cellular organelles in the fish cell line PLHC-1. Aquat Toxicol 2014, 150, 55-65.

4. Fernandez-Cruz, M. L.; Lammel, T.; Connolly, M.; Conde, E.; Barrado, A. I.; Derick, S.; Perez, Y.; Fernandez, M.; Furger, C.; Navas, J. M., Comparative cytotoxicity induced by bulk and nanoparticulated ZnO in the fish and human hepatoma cell lines PLHC-1 and Hep G2. Nanotoxicology 2013, 7 (5), 935-52.

5. Lammel, T.; Boisseaux, P.; Fernandez-Cruz, M. L.; Navas, J. M., Internalization and cytotoxicity of graphene oxide and carboxyl graphene nanoplatelets in the human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line Hep G2. Particle and fibre toxicology 2013, 10, 27.

Final report


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